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Freestyle . Top
Freestyle Players Association home page (Evergreen, CO)
Become an FPA member and help support freestyle.

Fabio Sanna's Freeskyler web page (Triese, Italy)
Great selection of freestyle videos from recent events

Jake Gauthier's Freestyle Lessons (Portland, OR)
"Welcome to Heinville".

Skippy Jammer's web page (Santa Cruz, CA)
Includes a retrospective on freestyle, "The Decade Awards"

ShredNow.com by Arthur Coddington (Lafayette, CA)
An online freestyle community featuring forums, videos and photos

Richie "Frisbee Wizard" Smits' web page (Santa Barbara, CA)
Awesome streaming freestyle videos

Brad Keller's DiscAbilities web page (New York City, NY)
Providing disc activities to at-risk youth and people of all ages with physical, developmental and emotional challenges.

Lornezo Apriani's Italian Freestyle Frisbee Association of Sport (Rome, Italy)

Iwan's Amsterdam Freestyle Frisbee page (Amsterdam, Holland)

FFF's Frisbee Web Log - tons of great links (Boxmeer, Holland)

Dori Yaniv's Israel Frisbee Freestyle page (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Arno's Paris 'Disconautes' page (Paris, France)

Pierric Chardon and Spinco's 'Spin Collectif' site, nice videos! (Paris, France)

Roger Meier's Freestyle Disc Page (New York, NY)

Steve Haynes' Gitis Home page (Fort Worth, Texas)

Luca Gagliardi's Air Brush web site (Rome, Italy)

Arne Bratenstein's German Freestyle web site (Berlin, Germany)

'Dr. Disc' web site (Nurenberg, Germany)

Markus Goetz' Jamago web site (Nurenberg, Germany)
and check out his highly entertaining frisbee master movie

Timmy Broxap's UK Freestyle site (Glastonbury, England)

Johninho & Joe 'The Flow' have created ukDiscstyle.com (Preston, England)

Sune Wentzel's 'Sune Sport' site (Oslo, Norway)

Mark William's 'The California Channel' web site (Los Angeles, CA)

Superflight Inc. makers of Aerobie flying rings (Palo Alto, CA)

Frisbee - Misc. . Top
The History of the Flying Disc - by the UPA
How Things Work - "Balls, Birdies, and Frisbees"
Yet another Histoy of the frisbee - by Ian Scotlan, UK
The Physics of Frisbee - From PBS Kids Program 'Newton's Apple'
Frisbee Dynamics, Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment UC Davis
The unofficial Frisbee Hall of Fame
Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment - The Frisbee
Working Knowledge, Krazy Glue - June 1999 Scientific American
Thomas and Sune Demo - in Norway
Resource Guide for Disc Sport Organizers -
Wham-O gears up for new try with Hula Hoop, Frisbee - article from the Detroit News
Surgeon general: Children should turn off the TV - ...and throw a frisbee! among other things says the Surgeon general
flywheel -
a 1959 Frisbee -
krazy glue - find out how to order the krazy glue skin protecor
Jan Ekman och Stefan Karlstrom - from Eurodisc
how to throw a flying disc - by learn2.com
Laser Disc - includes picture -
Teaching Frisbee -
Aerodynamics of the frisbee - UC Davis
How things work: Balls, Birds, Frisbees -
frisbee museum - by the geezer
family.com - by disney, things to do with your kids
discovery channel - you should've been there - Go Ahead, Give It a Whirl
frisbee school lesson -
The Internet Disc Shoppe - where you can buy or sell a disc
The Electronic Flying Disc - called the "Laser Disc"
Tron - "The frisbee death game from hell" says Edwin from Cornell U.
yes I remember 1979 - thoughts on freestyle, Rodger Hanlan

Disc Golf . Top
Disc Golf Course Directory
DiscGolf.com - Tons of good info here, by Marty Hapner
Arkansas Disc Golf Online
www.EverythingDiscGolf.com - Disc Golf store run by Mike Hall, Lufkin, Texas
Steve Rico: Golfer extraordinaire!
Harvard Soccer Player/Baseball Captain Peter Albers - but we know him better as an awesome disc golfer and freestyler!
Disc Golf Around The Corner
European Disc Golf

Ultimate . Top
Frisbee Newsgroup (rec.sport.disc)
http://www.upa.org - Ultimate Players Association
Eric Simon's Ultimate Frisbee Page
UltiLinks - links to over 500 Ultimate sties
http://www.yesbutnau.com/ - Beach Ultimate in Le Baule, France (near Nantes)
http://www.ultimate.ch/ - Swiss Frisbee Sport Federation
http://www.ukultimate.com/ - British Ultimate Federation
http://www.frisbeebrasil.com.br/ - Ultimate Frisbee - Brasil! - Ibirapuera Park, Brasil
The rules of Ultimate - simple description or full set of rules
North West Disc - by Northwest Ultimate Association
Fox Flying Disc - buy ultimate discs in France - agréé par la Fédération Flying-Disc France
What is Ultimate - in English or French
Hong Kong Ultimate
Ultimate Frisbee in Australia - Frisbee Australia
beijing ultimate
Ultimap Locator - by George Ferguson
GAIA Ultimate Gear - the best Ultimate gear around

Frisbee Organizations . Top
freestyledisc.org - The Freestyle Players Association (FPA)
pdga.org - The Professional Disc Golf Association with over 14,000 members world wide
upa.org - The Ultimate Players Association has over 12,000 members
http://www.wfdf.org/ - World Flying Disc Federation, "WFDF rule book, links, and an overall tournament data base".
GAISF - The General Association of International Sports Federations)
NEFA New England Flying Disc Association - Great Tournament Calendar
fristail.it - Fristail, Italian Association of Sport for Freestyle Frisbee
International Links . Top
Swedish Flying Disc Association
Portugal frisbee
The Flying Angels - Reto Zimmerman's frisbee team, Switzerland
Sune Wentzel & Thomas Finborud - at a demo in Norway
Norwegian National Frisbee Team - from Bjoelsen Park, Oslo, Norway
Furuset Frisbee Klubb - from Norway
German Frisbee Contacts - maintained by Thomas Griesbaum
Fristil, aka Freestyle - from a country called Niue
Frisbee Molding Plant in France - "LE MOULE DE THERMOFORMAGE POUR FRISBEE "
German/European Disc Sports Calendar - by Thomas Griesbaum
Netherland Frisbee Clubs - "Nederlandse Frisbee Bond"
Frisbee Dogs . Top
Dog, Disc, and Wind by Glenn Speckert
Teach your dog how to play frisbee - by Women.com
UFO World Cup - by Chris Sexton, the World Cup series of frisbee dog events, with events on 4 continents
Canine Disc Competition - by AirMajorDogHouse.com
Canine sports & Activities - lots of frisbee dog links
DiscDog.com - by The Washington D.C. Area Frisbee disc Dog Club
www.k9athlete.com and http://k9disc.com - by Ron Watson, great resources for learning to play disc with your dog
Frisbee History . Top
The first flight of the frisbee - by About.com
Games we used to play - by Weird Web Sites
Utility Patent for the Wham-O Frisbee - from the Patent Museum
A.C. Gilbert's Toy Hall of Fame - 1998 Inductee - the Frisbee
Frisbee History - by the Enskede Frisbee Klubb, Farsta Sweden
Frisbee Physics . Top
Frisbee Physics - from Newton's Apple
What effect does the rim of the frisbee have on it's flight? - by the San Francisco Exploratoruim
Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment - by UC Davis
Frisbee on the Moon - by the New York Times Learning Network
Misc Frisbee Sites . Top
Wierd Facts about the frisbee - by WackyUses.com
Extreme Frisbee - "a server side mod for StarSiege Tribes"
DiscWear Apparel - in Akron, Ohio
Review of Disc Golf Video Game - by GamesDomain.com
The Fun Gripper - interesting looking disc
Frisbee Shaped luminaire - Versatile luminaire for compact fluorescent lamps
CheapFrisbees.com - from Wichita, KS
Home of Heave H.O.E. - Frisbee Instructional Tape - very basic, only 25 minutes long
Fribee twist and fly - Funky looking french flyer
The Complete Book of Frisbee Reviewed by Disc Golf Online
DiscSports.com - Disc Sport links
Alternative Sports Links . Top
Footbag WorldWide
Kids Links . Top
Sports Sites for Kids
WebFrisbee.Net for Kids - English/Spanish kids site
Frisbee in the news . Top
Harvard Soccer Player/Baseball Captain Peter Albers - he's also a Frisbee God, by Harvard Althetics
World Peace Through Frisbee, a trip to the Huaorani in the Ecuadorian Amazon in 1994 - by Marc Becker
Other . Top
DDC - aka Double Disc Court
Guts Frisbee Home Page

Freestyle Conditions - National (USA) . Top
Is it windy?
  See the US Wind Forecast map or Wind Call (created by wind surfers)
Freestyle Conditions - Local (San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA) . Top
How does the beach look?
  See the Beach Boardwalk "Slug" Cam or the La Jolla Cove Cam
Has the fog blown off yet?
  See the Santa Cruz Mt. Fog Cam
Is it windy?
  See the West Coast Jet Stream, USGS SF Bay wind pattern, or Wind Call
When's Low Tide?
  Check the Tide Calendar
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