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The 2007 FPA Worlds will take place June 21-24 on the beach near Amsterdam, Netherlands (posted Nov 14, 2006)

Lorenzo, Tom and Mauro at the beach in Capocotta, near Rome, Italy. See more freestyle videos on the freestyle video group on youtube.com.

Matt & Jake Gauthier take 1st as 14 teams compete at the Arizona States in Scottsdale, AZ. (Nov 11-12, 2006)

Skippy Jammer/Arthur Coddington beat out Greg Riley/Scott Weaver to win at Indian Summer. Rohnert Park, CA (Sep 16-17, 2006)

Fabio Sanna edges Clay Collera and Andrea Meola to win the 'best trick' contest at Torneo Citta di Milano. Milan, Italy (Sep 16-17, 2006)

Angelo and Clay take 1st at the Volo Volo freestyle event in Roseto, Italy. (Sep 9-10, 2006)

Congratulations to the teams of Clay/Fabio, Florian/Carsten/Piccio and Fabio/Eleonora for their victories at the European Freestyle Championships. Rome, Italy (Sep 2-3, 2006)

Carstein Heim/Laurent Mess win the Frischstylers Jam in Karlsruhe, Germany. (Aug 26-27, 2006)

Steve Jennings/Pat Marron win the Winsconsin States event. Sheboygan, WI, US (Aug 19-20, 2006)

Joey Hudoklin/Ted Oberhaus/Rob Fried win the Narragansett Beach Jam at the 'Gathering of the Tribe'. Narragansett, RI (Aug 12-13, 2006)

Fabio Sanna and Larry Imperiale win the pairs and Larrry, Markus Goetz and Alex Humphreys win the random co-op at the Jam & Go freestyle event in Cologne, Germany. (Aug 5-6, 2006)

Congratulations to the 2006 FPA World Champions!
    Open Pairs: Matt & Jake Gauthier
    Open Co-op: Paul Kenny/Larry Imperiale/Toddy Brodeur
    Mixed Pairs: Fabio Sanna/Eleonora Imazio
    Womens Pairs: Mary Lowry/Sarah Bergman

A record 100 competitors compete at the FPA World Championships in Berlin, Germany. (July 29-31, 2006).

Matteo Gaddoni/Tom Leitner and Tom Leitner/Manuel Cesari/Claudio Cigna win the Rototom Sunsplash freestyle challenge. Osoppo - Udine, Italy (Jul 7-8, 2006)

Paul Kenny/Sune Wentzel and Rob Fried/Tom Leitner/Lorenzo Apriani win at AmsterJam. Amsterdam, Netherlands (June 24-25)

Antonio Piccio Cusma/Andrea Meola beat out Fabio Sanna/Clay Collera to win Vagolino. Milan, Italy (Jun 10-11, 2006)

Pat Marron won both division at the Jammers, winning pairs with Paul Kenny and mixed with Lori Daniels. Jacksonville, FL (May 27-28, 2006)

Boguslaw Bul & Hartmut Wahrmann won pairs and teamed with Enrique Faria to win co-op at the German Championships in Nuremberg, Germany (May 20-21, 2006)

Thomas Gereben from Austria and Fernec Orosz from Hungary edged Balasz Major and Gergely Nemeth to win the Podersdorf flying disc opening. Podersdorf, Austria (April 30-May 1, 2006)

Lornezo Apriani/Tom Leitner & Clay Collera/Reto Zimmerman/Tom Leitner won the Paganello Freestyle Challenge where over 50 freestylers and 1,500 ultimate players from across the globe competed on the beaches of Rimini, Italy (Apr 13-17, 2006)

Toddy Brodeur/Ted Oberhaus/Randy Silvey won the 30th Annual Virginia States Frisbee Championships in Fredereicksburg, VA (Apr 8-9, 2006)

The Book of Cool - has won 3 people's choice Webby Awards! The DVD/Book set features over 2 dozen 'professors of cool' (including freestyle frisbee) - and is now available in stores in the UK. (June, 2006)

The instructional Video 'The Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle' is now included free with the purchase of a Wham-O freestyle disc! (in many locations)

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