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Remember to step towards your target or at very least shift your weight from back foot to front foot. Concentrate on rotating shoulders, hips and legs through to the point of release and then a natural follow through. Keep a straighter arm for distance or curl the elbow and exaggerate the snap at the end of the throw for greater spin on the disc.


Simply place four fingers under the rim of the disc and your thumb on top. reach back and swing your arm along side your body releasing the disc towards the target. Tilt the outside edge of the disc down slightly Upon release. Follow Through!


Place the thumb on top of the disc and first two fingers in the rim. Much like snapping a towel, swing your arm along side your body snapping the disc towards the target. More snap equals more spin. Tilt the outside rim down slightly upon release.



Much like the Finger Flip except for the grip. This time place the thumb in the rim with four fingers on top of the disc. Again swing your arm along side the body snapping the disc toward the target. Slightly tilt the outside rim down upon release.

Overhand Wrist Flip

With the wrist cocked backward, swing the arm above the shoulder and snap the wrist forward towards the target. Remember to keep the outside edge of the disc tilted slightly downward at the point of release.

Hook Thumber

Place your thumb in the front inside rim of the disc (facing opposite of the thumber grip). Your first two fingers will rest on the rim. Tuck the disc under your chin and extend your arm towards the target. Use the thumb to provide extra snap at the point of release.


The Helicopter

Curl the disc in your hand so that it rests on the elbow side of the forearm. You are now in the cocked position and ready to throw. Extend the arm and snap the wrist around to create the spin.

More Trick Throws

Can be created by using your body to throw around. Use momentum from spinning or pivoting to create the snap needed to throw around your back, neck or legs. Be creative and invent new throws with your friends.


All catches can be made with either hand. The disc is always spinning so be sure to make a strong squeeze when catching. Standard catches are made with the thumb up on low catches and the thumb down on high catches. Catches can be made more difficult by spinning before the catch is made. These are some examples of beginning and advanced catches, but make up some of your own, that's half the fun. Catches can be made while standing, sitting or jumping in the air.


Nail Delay

The act of spinning the disc on the finger nail allows you to do many things. By balancing the spinning disc in the center you can maneuver it under the legs, around the body and set-up for catches. Move your finger-nail in a small circle underneath the spinning disc. The circle should be in the same direction of the spin. When outside always face the wind!

Note: Silicon Spray is used to create less friction. It can be purchased at most auto parts stores. If you can't get ahold of a can, try furniture polish or even water. you can also purchase Silicon Spray online at wrightlife.com or Discovering the World, dtworld.com.

Rim Delay

Similar to the nail delay, this technique involves letting the disc slide on your finger-nail on the inside of the rim. Simply hook your finger so that your nail is the only thing making contact with the disc. This allows you to swoop the disc and create a flowing motion. Percussion Tips and kicks in the center of the disc offers many moves for the novice and professional alike. Concentration is most important to make contact as close to the exact center as possible. The action should be quick and precise for the best control. Use your fingers, elbow, knee, head, toe or heel to pop the disc into play or a catch. Experiment with trick tips under the leg, behind the back and with your feet.

Flight Adjustments

A common way to experience changes in flight is to have three players, one in the middle. The middle-person touches ("macs") the disc on its deflection side or on top to create a new disc direction. Flight adjustments can also be made while air brushing ("cuffs") Experiment with touches underneath and on top of the disc.


Body Rolls

The act of rolling the disc across your body can be amazing and very satisfying. Most common is the chest roll. Start the disc at your finger tip, the disc should be tilted towards you and your body leaning back. Step into the disc so that you maintain contact throughout the roll. Watch the disc. Face the wind. The back roll is similar in technique.

Air Brushing

By hitting the disc on the outside rim with either the foot or hand you can maintain spin and keep the disc in play. It is easiest when there is a slight breeze. Angle the disc upward into the wind and brush across the outside rim. The disc will rebound. Repeat the action or make a catch. (Indoors) the brushing action can be used to pass the disc to your partner. Experiment with different hits and kicks into the wind or indoors.

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