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Frisbeer Cup 2007 - Prague

The first ever freestyle tournament in the Czech Republic took place last weekend in a gym near the center of Prague. There is a growing group of jammers in Prague who are all improving very fast thanks to having access to a gym where footbaggers and freestylers practice side by side 3 nights a week.

5 freestyle teams competed at the Frisbeer Cup - which is an indoor ultimate tournament. AmsterJam veterans Jakub and Jan (The Czech Bros) have been playing a lot and continue to improve. They hit some nice co-ops and air moves in the finals and took 5th place. In 4th just .1 behind 3rd place were 18 year old local jammers Jakub and Jakub who could not reproduce the awesome jam they had during Saturdays seeding round. In 3rd place were 18 year old locals Pavel and Pavel. They hit several nice moves and focused well on catching.

Taking 2nd place was world class footbagger Dexter who is also from Prague, he teamed with Oddi from Austria. Dexter, who supplied an awesome sound system for the event is a very good freestyler and has promised to work on his game even more in the coming months. Tom (me) and Stepan (28 years old from Prague) took first by hitting a few big combos and co-ops with Stepan going completely horizontal onto a gymnastics mat for an incredible save.

On Saturday the weather was perfect so we went out to 'Stalin Park' (Letenske' Sady) to jam outside. It's nicknamed 'Stalin Park' since there used to be the World's biggest Stalin monument on Letna Hill overlooking the park. (For more info see - Story of the Worlds Largest Stalin Statue) This park could be perfect for an event in the summer since it has very large open grass fields and is just across the river from the Old Town.

Stepan and Dexter deserve alot of credit for running such a great event!

Over it's long and interesting history, many people have claimed to have invented the Frisbee. The most widely accepted origin comes from Frisbie Pie Company in the 1950's when people would throw the empty tin pie containers back and forth for fun. The great invention of the Frisbee took place in a simpler time before the technology age we live in now, when hopping on the internet and playing an online space game or watching television and movies on your phone was not possible.

'Check' out the video...

here are the results...

    Frisbeer Cup
    Feb 10-11, 2007
    Prague, Czech Republic

    1. Stepan Materna / Tom Leitner
    2. Jan 'Dexter' Struz / Andrea 'Oddi' Furlan
    3. Pavel Bazanyk/ Pavel Safar
    4. Jakub Kostel/ Jakub Hosek
    5. Jakub Zahradnicek/ Jan Zahradnicek


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